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    After many years of longing for it, tasting it in my head, and scouring the area for anything even close to it, I have made my own. yes, and also after the many same years of tasting every energy drink that I came across, and figuring out the flavors in certain ones that I liked, and gave me that hinting reminder of Josta, I have emerged with this simple mixture which I think any Josta fan will appreciate and enjoy. Click on the HOW link on the left to read my story and see how to come as close to Josta as Ive found yet.

    Ive been working on a Josta substitute. Ive gotten the taste, color, and even the smell so very close. When Im happy with it, and its been tested by some of my original josta sharing crew, Ill be sharing the entire project with the josta following community by putting all the information up on this site for everyone to enjoy. sort of like an open source project. yup, Im a geek. stay tuned!

    Ive mentioned my love and missing of Josta on my site a number of times in the past. after recently searching the web for what remains of the josta fans that I used to communicate with years and years ago, and seeing that a lot of them are still around, Ive decided it was time to construct my own Josta site, one thats a little different from the rest. youll see why in the next few days. this post is the first real post for this site,.. the ones Ill insert before this date will actually be taken from my personal site and past Josta news. Enjoy the site.

02/15/2004 which goes up and down, and is currently not responding, said they had some josta coming soon. I plan on buying as much as I can when and if this actually happens. this site basically collects hard to find sodas that are still unopened and sells them to nuts like me.

    I actually have an unopened bottle of Josta on my shelf here. its caved in a bit, which can be expected considering its age and how fast Josta normally lost its fizz. but I cherrish this posetion and hope one day it may be united with a resurected version of itself. Pepsi, you need to get youre heads on straight and produce fan favorite sodas like Josta and Pepsi Blue once in a while. it cant possibly hurt if you do it right. -- cough-livewire-pitchblack-holidayspice-cough -- ... speaking of coughing, I always did think Josta had this cough syrup like flavor.. which is partly why I liked it so much. anyone else agree with that?

05/13/2002 on
    On 05-13-2002 I posted about Pepsi Blue and again mentioned Josta, not so much for energy drink reasons but for not being afraid to try new flavors, for how I love Pepsi for not being afraid to put out new flavors, and of course what happens when new flavors dont sell enough.

01/03/2002 on
    On 01-03-2002 I posted about MountaindeW AMP and as always, it was compared to Josta. To me, everything gets sized up to Josta. Josta was one of the first radical drinks of this rapidly evolving energy drink craze we see now.

12/22/2000 on
    On 12-22-2000 I posted a link to and simply said "this needs to happen" - at that point was a site dedicated to saving josta. the domain is no longer active and the save josta site and effort was moved to a different place.

05/04/1999 on
    On 05-04-1999 I posted : NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I just got off the phone with Pepsi Consumer Relations, and I have some sad news. JOSTA, the powerful, potent guarana drink has had its production stopped. forever. I dont know about anyone else, but that was my absolute favorite drink, it had such a unique taste, and now its gone. Josta, being one of the first guarana drinks of its kind, has set standards in many of the new drinks today, which are now here and josta not. doesnt seem fair. Mountain deW, which is still the ultimate "common" power drink, will always be here, thank god. no one will take our dew away. other products that Pepsi told me they discontinued, were Crystal Pepsi and Pepsi Kona. test markets suck. they get you addicted, and it not enough people bought it, you get it ripped away from you. on the NON Pepsi side of the drinks, we still have Bawls, a gingerale type of power drink with 80mg of caffeine to the 12 oz, and a new one we just found called BATTERY. Battery is a disgustingly powerful drink with a rather sharp bite to it. almost tastes like what you would expect battery acid to taste like. it has 135 mg of caffeine to the 12 oz, and it is in a can that looks like a battery. even has a plus sign on the top.